THORNGOTH ”Schwarz-Karg-Kalt”

The Bavarians THORNGOTH put this month their cd “Schwarz-Karg-Kalt“ on the market. The band already exists since 2003. Here are therefore grown musicians at work.

But, how does the cd really sounds? The all in all nine songs run like an ice cold shiver down the listeners’ spine. Pitch-black Black Metal how it could not even be blacker. A slowly constructing arc of suspense which ends in a fireworks of hate, coldness and contempt. Melodic parts, partially also synthesizer insertions, enter here a pretty bizarre symbiosis with Black Metal base frames. Thereof develop powerful and even emphatic songs which the listener will not forget that fast. Dark musical worlds full of beauty and pains develop which fascinate the listener. All songs are kept in the mid tempo area. The production receives alternation and sustainability by the variable use of tempi and melodies. The lyrics are written in German language. THORNGOTH make themselves stand out already alone therefore of many other Black Metal productions. Very ambitious recorded offers “Schwarz-Karg-Kalt“ everything a good Black Metal album needs. I can only recommend THORNGOTH!!!

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