DOOMBRINGER – Walpurgis Fires

Nuclear War Now! – 2019 – Poland

The Polish band DOOMBRINGER are heard from again. “Walpurgis Fire“ was released in February 2019 via Nuclear War Now Productions.

Here is shaked a leg! The listener is proffered Death Metal from the first minute on. Aggressive, loud and hard. Diversified riffs and solis which are uncompromising and can also be short-term melodic come upon forceful bass lines. Together with a powerful doubleblast drumming this results in a deadly musical mixture. Severe growls which are dark and strong-willed positively complete the general impression. Nevertheless the all in all six songs doesn’t degenerate into dull thrashing. The variations in terms of speed which also allow several Doom passages indeed relax. But this doesn’t strain the production. All in all quite severe music which hardly leaves no questions unanswered. The sympathetic Death Metal fan who is also not averse of Doom Metal will get a real kick out of it! Listen to “Walpurgis Fire“. It’s worth it by all means!!!!


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