DODKVLT ”III: Domĭni Ascensiōnem”

Misamtropic Art Productions – 2012 – Finland

I recently took notice of a further 1-man project. DODSKVLT are heard from again and indeed in the form of their latest opus “III-Domini Ascension” which is distributed via Misanthropic Arts Records.

The first song “Dark Void Architect” initially starts with a classical intro. But it is fast over with the silence and contemplation. Now dark Black Metal tones gain the mastery. Pitch-black sound frameworks which are relaxed a bity by melodic riffs. The aggressiveness is emphasised by severe doubleblast attacks. The distinctive growls give the complete works sustainability and give at the same time a deep insight in the inner life of the project aka Lord Theynian. The symbiosis between melody and coldnesss develops to all in all six songs which bear a morbid beauty. Thereof emerge very arbitrary compositions which get out of line already alone because of its lengths. “III-Domini Ascensionem” got a very experimental cd which shows that Avantgarde / Experimental Black Metal also might sound interesting and innovative.But, at the production is nothing to sneeze at, too. Clean recorded and technical impeccable I can only recommend DODKVLT!!!

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