DENIAL FIEND ”Horror Holocaust”

Ibex Moon Records – 2011 – U.S.A. (Florida)

DENIAL FIEND is the notorious band which had in its line-up the well known names of x-SIX FEET UNDER bassist Terry Butler and Kam Lee – the legendary frontman of MASSACRE.They attacked the world in 2007 with the debut album “They Rise” and now,4 years later,it’s time for the second offering “Horror Holocaust”.In the meantime some line-up changes have taken place: Kam Lee is no more with the band but he is replaced by another legendary maniac – Blaine “Fart” Cook from the thrash/crossover heroes THE ACCUSED.DENIAL FIEND also have a new guy behind the drum kit and he is none other than Rob Rampy from D.R.I. Obviously the band still have some ace names in its ranks.In terms of music “Horror Holocaust” offers eight tracks of enjoyable thrash/death metal based on horror stories.Nothing innovative or original here.You may have some problems with the really specific voice of Blaine “Fart” – it’s love-it-or-hate-it type of singing.The tracks are heavy and with simple riffs and drum beats,just an oldschool thrash/death metal fun.There is no use to point out any particular track because they all follow the same pattern.If you crave for some oldschool thrash/death metal – give this album a listen.


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