UNEARTH ”Darkness In The Light”

Metal Blade Records – 2011 – U.S.A.

Unearth has always been for me one of the best teams from the mainstream metalcore and often listened to / listen. So the news about the new album and paws rubbed Americans waited impatiently for what this time fathered. I admit frankly that I am not able to clearly respond to this board. Certainly in my view, this is not their best album. “The Oncoming Storm”, “III: In The Eyes of Fire”and last,” The March “convince me of the first hearing. This time is different, some pieces of” Darkness In The Light “I do not like, and quite often I find myself that the “Scrolling” them. The main occupation in this case is the introduction of the element to which I set at least skeptical – clean choruses. Metalcore is a genre so interesting that some teams are able to use this patent in a surprising way and balanced, but In most cases we are dealing with pop wail. And sadly, I must say that there are several such moments as in “Last Wish”, “Overcome,” “Shadows In The Light.” The album opens up great, “Watch It Burn” sung also in the party, but it is for me an exception to the rule, because on this track is a nice development of the tracks (though if it was not, rather I would not cry hehe.) conclude, therefore, this topic already, throw in a loose yet thought that flashed through my head after the first hearing, jealous of success Unearth As I Lay Dying and Killswitch Engage and wants to have more teenage female fans:). Besides this aspect, many innovations do not exist. Still the band walks the path of metalcore Iron Maiden-art based on the melodic mass party, guitar-solo dialogues, etc. It is still his big advantage, because in conjunction with the brutal breakdowns, typically `core drive and aggressive, extremely recognizable vocals Trevor Phipps `a` and created something unique and often obscure in this trend. Admittedly, there are missing pieces here even sentimental (“The Fallen”), but they are to swallow a small amount. Unearth the album also proved that a team of incredibly creative and inventive, because for years sitting in the same place do not seem to complain about a deficit of ideas. The very nature of the composition of their positive charge, seems to show, with the bulk and lightness which they were created. I immediately heard, like great fun for guitarists of this band is to play their instruments. Sounds CD is, of course, as usual, professional, and not kid ourselves, any setback in this regard could not have come into play. Despite the shortcomings I mentioned at the beginning, this is a very good album. Surely I`ll come back to this, but not “swallow” it whole .

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