DEMONIA MUNDI : New Album “In Grembo Mater…”

90’s Italian cult epic black metallers Demonia Mundi reveal cover artwork and tracklist of their upcoming full length album “In Grembo Mater…”, out in February 2021 via Cult Of Parthenope label.

“In Grembo Mater…” tracklist:
1. Iniziazione
2. AA Of Black Fogs And Shaded Empires
3. Et In Arcadia Ego
4. Alesa
5. The Golden Bough
6. Hieros Gamos
7. Intra Grembo

Founded in 1994 by mastermind Daemonia, the band released their first demo back in 1996, inspired by pioneers of Italian obscure metal Death SS. Since than, Demonia Mundi have evolved their style in the following releases by embracing the black metal sound despite keeping their occult concept very much alive.
Cult Of Parthenope commented :
“After 12 years of silence, the Italian cult Demonia Mundi is back with their best and most ambitious work to date, a stunning concept album including a furious epic black metal journey filled with beautiful folkish atmospheres that reminds of titans such as early Satyricon, Emperor, Dimmu Borgir and Amon Amarth.”

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