Damnation Defaced release the third single of the anniversary album “They Brought Death to the Darkness” , “Ain’t No Sympathy for the Lost”

With “Ain’t No Sympathy for the Lost” the northern Germans DAMNATION DEFACED released the third single of the anniversary album “They Brought Death to the Darkness” on the occasion of their 15th anniversary. Once again, brutal riffs go hand in hand with catchy hooks and sci-fi sounds, showing the compositional diversity of the German death metal band. However, compared to its predecessors, the band sees the fifth album more as a gift to the fans, as it consists not only of new tracks but also new interpretations of songs from the first years as well as some exciting cover songs.

How fast time flies, you usually notice only when anniversaries are approaching, as in this case. Since the foundation of DAMNATION DEFACED in 2006, 15 years have passed. Four albums and two EPs line up in the discography of the Death Metal band with origin in Celle, which is not to be excluded from the national scene anymore.

Since its founding, Lutz Gudehus (guitar), Lucas Katzmann (drums) and Philipp Bischoff (vocals) have been a fixed part of the band, which has been able to rely on the different line-ups at all times. Each of the musicians involved in the past has helped the band in its development and contributed to the style as well as sound. In general, the line-up changes were manageable and DAMNATION DEFACED has always been a community that was about much more than just creating music.

While in their younger years they still emulated greats of Scandinavian melodic death with a progressive touch, including bands like At the Gates, Opeth, In Flames or Edge of Sanity, they developed their very own style, especially since the album “Invader from Beyond” (2017), which has since been characterised by synthesizer underpinned, heavy, rhythm-oriented riffs, catchy choruses and quite fast parts. The fascination for science fiction plays a decisive role especially in the lyrical concept in which it is about fictional worlds in space and time. Spherical soundscapes, electronic sounds, but never slipping into keyboard virtuosity, are an essential stylistic device for DAMNATION DEFACED.

After the entry of Hannes Huke at the beginning of 2019 as a new guitarist and producer (already produced the albums “Invader from Beyond” and “The Devourer”), there are now even more opportunities for the band to perfect their own style, to express it more clearly and generally to produce flexibly. Supporting this, and now officially part of the band again is also an old familiar member involved in the electronic sounds: Mathias Opitz, who was replaced by Kim-Patrick Friedrichs on bass in 2011. A strong line-up for a promising future.

The result of the 2018 collaboration with the German-produced trash blockbuster SKY SHARKS can finally be revealed to the scene in 2021.

DAMNATION DEFACED contribute to “Dead Flesh Four” not only a death metal breaker written specifically for the film. Parts of the band even have their very own cameo appearance in this bloody fun masterpiece. It wasn’t just the Corona pandemic that kept postponing the film’s release.

Released in 2019, “The Devourer” (Apostasy Records) has received much international acclaim from fans and media. Through various playlist placements on all major streaming services, the band was able to increase their profile enormously and sustainably with this release.

With well over 200 shows, including Wacken Open Air (2019), Wacken World Wide (2020) and PartySan Open Air (2019), as well as support for scene greats such as Sodom, Vader, Misery Index, God Dethroned or Ill Disposed, the band from Celle have made a name for themselves not only in their own country. In January 2020, they once again caused a sensation with a unique concert at the Hamburg Planetarium, shortly before the outbreak of Pandemic in January 2020. With a technically elaborate and very creative show, they impressed the audience in the sold-out house. The concept of this extraordinary show is to be continued in the form of a concert series in other cities after Corona.

If one thing is for sure, it’s that after 15 years it’s far from over and DAMNATION DEFACED will initiate the next chapter in the band’s history with their upcoming releases.

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