Cadaveria – ”Horror Metal ”

Bakerteam Records – 2012- Italy

CADAVERIA are from Itlay They already released in 2012 their cd “Horror Metal“ via Wormhole Death / Bakerteam Records. Nevertheless it is worth to be reviewed also in 2014 in my mind.
To describe the music of CADAVERIA is not easy. A mixture of Goth Rock, hard Death Metal sounds, Progressive influences and also classical Heavy Metal speckles now and then is probably the best paraphrase. Thereof originated a morbid, dark cd. Gothic basic elements are the steady companion of the all in all eleven songs. On this basis is experimented with all kinds of musical genres. Thereby “Horror Metal“ looses at no time its darkness and heaviness. An omnious atmosphere originates which abducts the listener into oppressive musical worlds of which there seems to be no escape. The multi-variant female vocals which is once operatic then again snotty-cheeky right up to growls supports the scary, inbued with sorrow mood. There help no melodic Metal solis which only bring little hope and relief for only some seconds. The powerful drumming is yet the icing on the cake. Technical impeccable recorded you notice here that grown musicians were at work. Who is into a dark, hard Metal mix has come here to the right place! Check out “Horror Metal. It’s worth it!!!!


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