Frostagrath – ” Extinguishing The Flame Of Life”

Rigorism Productions- 2013 – Egypt

The Egyptian project FrostAgratH consists of one person. Lord Mist published in October 2013 his latest opus “Extinguishing The Flame Of Life“ via Rigorism Production.

Lord Mist gives here everything! Raw and primordial presented Black Metal. More intense songs which pull the listener into a deep, dark hole of melancholia and hate. As is usual very emotional presented the listener run cold shivers down his spine while listening. Calm sounds which are underlaid with synthesizer sounds partially appear quite spheric and have already alone without any vocals an impact to the listener. The growls demand a lot from the listener and the vocalist. Nevertheless they fit in perfectly into the dark overall structure. The halting, Doom riffs reinforce the depressive atmosphere. Icecold and pith-black. Unending pains and agony of minds implemented in tones. “Extinguishing The Flame Of Life“ is no easy to consume cd which makes accessible to the listener only after repeated listening. For fans of Depressive Black Metal a must!!!!


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