BOSSE-DE-NAGE ”Bosse-de-Nage”

Flenser Records – 2010 – USA

American band Bosse-De-Nage’s first album has the band’s name. They have 2 demos in 2006 except for this album. Band sounds like an athmospheric band, I couldn’t put them in a category. But they generally used simple black metal riffs, especially album’s intro song “Marie” and “Excerpt from the 5th Canto” are a little different than the other songs. Album consists of 7 songs, and some songs’ names are including same words.

I can’t say I liked the sound. Drum machine’s tones aren’t good to me, that doesn’t seem black metal. Guitars are between clean and distortion, don’t fit in. Vocals are like Fenriz from Darkthrone but there is more scream in here. And I felt like there are some missing parts in the songs. I couldn’t feel much in the name of black metal. I don’t know if I would think the same things if the guitars were a little dirtier. They can use sounds of Leviathan, Judas Iscariot, Krieg, they are American too. Of course, that is my opinion.

I couldn’t find any information about the lyrics. Album cover is decorated by forest theme. Maybe they are inspired by the nature.

Generally, I like American black metal bands, but I couldn’t find anything in this album but still, I have a favourite song called “Marie”. I wish there were more songs like this.


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