BLEEDING UTOPIA – Where The Light Comes to Die

Black Lion Records – 2019 – Sweden

The Swedes BLEEDING UTOPIA are already old hands in the music business. Since 2009 together as a band they released in March 2019 their latest opus “Where The Lights Comes To Die“. The cd is distributed via Black Lion Records.

The intro “Ascendants Of Hate“ initially reminds me of a soundtrack for a horror movie. But, far from it! The band lately shows their true face at „Seek Solace In Throes“. A melodic thunderstorm of doubleblast drumming and gowls strikes the listener in the face. Accentuated by melodic riffs and solis which are nevertheless powerful and full of hate. The Gothenburg school shows here their paces! And this is proved multi-variant and professional. A deadly symbiosis of melodies and unbridled power blends to nine songs which pack a punch. Nevertheless BLEEDING UTOPIA doesn’t sound antiquated. The forceful bass lines give the necessary crash. The distinctive, powerful growls of David Ahlen are an additional highlight which you don’t forget that fast. Death Metal the way it should be. Very professional recorded you actually needn’t make a lot of words of “Where The Light Comes To Die“. You should gain this cd. It’s worth it!!!!


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