BLACK SEPTEMBER ”The Forbidden Gates Beyond”

Prosthetic Records – 2011 – U.S.A. (Chicago)

This is Black September’s first full-length, doomy-death with tinges of black metal from Chicago.”The Forbidden Gates Beyond” has seven trax on it mid-paced mostly. Black September has been recording since 2006 and has under it’s belt one demo and four ep’s, and now the full-length. I haven’t heard of them ’til recently and I really like what I have heard. I don’t know what made them choose that name Black September-I like it-but you’ll hear others go on about Jordan’s war on the PLO back in the 70’s-I personally think this had nothing to do with their name choice. Chek um out I think you’ll like it.


2011 August East Coast Tour Dates:
8.5 – Cleveland, OH w/ Masakari, Alpinist (Germany) at Now Thats Class – 11213 Detroit Ave
8.6 – Pittsburgh, PA w/ Abysme, Liquified Guts at Howlers Coyote Cafe – 4509 Liberty Ave
8.7 – Philadelphia, PA w/ Vivisect (TX), Infernal Stronghold at JR’s Tavern – 2327 Croskey St
8.8 – Richmond, VA w/ Bastard Sapling TBA
8.9 – New York, NY w/ Mutilation Rites, Scowl at Saint Vitus Bar – 1120 Manhattan Ave
8.10 – Baltimore, MD at Barclay House – 2101 Barclay St.
8.11 – Washington DC at TBA
8.12 – Columbus, OH at TBA
8.13 – Detroit, MI w/ Vivisect (TX), Perversion, Scum – 5141 Rosa Parks Blvd

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