BESTIAL INVASION ”Act of Retribution”

Shellfire Records – 2015 – Ukranie

The Ukrainians BESTIAL INVASION released at the end of 2015 their first full-length cd. It is called “Act Of Retribution“ and is distributed by the label Shellfire Attack. They invited prominent guests (for example members of DESTRUCTION and RAVEN) into the studio.
The calm piano intro (“Art Of Reetribution“) with guitar solis let initially hope for a relaxed production. But, this doesn’t last for a long time. Multi-variant melodic solis assault like a thunderstorm to the listener. In the mid tempo played Thrash Metal which come in diversified and fresh. It is played very technical. By the game with different tempi the production receives additionally dynamics. The genre typical snotty vocals fit in outstanding into the musical overall structure. For fans of technical Death Metal surely a pleasure!!!!


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