ARSTIDIR LIFSINS ”Attir Ur Soegu Nords”

Van Records -2014 – International

ARSTIDIR LIFSINS are heard from again. In co-operation with the label van Records they released in March 2014 their 3-track cd “Attir Ur Soegu Nordrs“.
Right from the start the enormous potential of the band is obvious. Varying between raw, primordial Black Metal tones and calm, experimental passages is offered here a big musical range. Atmospheric worlds which are pitch-black and affectingly develop. Emotional and somehow morbid dense sound walls of hate and darkness build up, Short melodic riffs try to straighten out a bit the tense atmosphere. But, this works out only for a short time. Compact songs which cover the listener into despair and depression and doesn’t let him go. The all in all three songs have a pretty long running time. But, this must be the way it is! They are only able to develop the entire impact and make a lasting impression on the listener by its length. The men were also here able to transpose the Icelandic mythology perfectly into notes. The lyrics are written as is usual in Icelandic language. Very professional and dedicated recorded I can only recommend ARSTIDIR LIFSINS to each Black Metal fan. Get yourselves into this exciting, sad musical journey. It’s worth it!!!!


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