Deivlfrost Records – 2014 – Germany

This is the second part of the trilogy that Arath started with their previous album which has the same name as the band name. The intro to this release is in the same way as the previous album, but with song number 2 came the shock. Their previous album was made in symphonic dungeon music like Mortiis and so is the intro here, but the second song is pure Black Metal in the vein of Darkthrone, Graven and other BM bands that play it in the Old School style. After the first shock was over, I started to enjoy the music. Comparing to other bands that try to keep the old style alive, but mostly fail and just pass as a copy of them, a few manage to do this from the heart like Taake, Graven, etc. At certain moments, this release reminds me of “Under a funeral moon” from Darkthrone because of the sounds. I can’t say what the lyrics are about since they are made in a phantasy language and I have no translation from them in front of me. I was able to find this info on the official side of the Record label about this release where you can also download all of their releases: “In this part of the journey ARATH encounters the deepest depths of his soul and has to master the dark challenges… “ It will be interesting to see what will happen (what style) will be the third part of this trilogy.

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