APOSTATE ”Time of Terror” 2015 -Ukranie

The Ukrainians APOSTATE are heard from again. Their latest opus is called “Time Of Terror“. It is distributed via
APOSTATE play a mixture of Death Metal and Doom Metal. Dark and of infinite sadness shaped songs which doesn’t unclasp the listener that fast. The slow, haltig riffs yet reinforce hopelessness and pains. Hopelessness and agony of mind are here withing your reach. A very intense musical journey starts which persists the entire running time. The dark growls of Bohdan Kozub fit in outstanding into the overall structure. Very emotional presented you can literally feel agonies and rage. It develops a very tense atmosphere which needs no technical folderol in order to take full effect. “Time Of Terror“ needs no highspeed to make a lasting impression on the listener. And a good thing, too! Who likes Doom Metal of the tougher kind can grab here unhesitatingly!!!!


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