Weapons To Hunt

Dutch old-school death/thrash metallers WEAPONS TO HUNT, who released three albums under the name INFINITED HATE, last year transformed into WEAPONS TO HUNT. The group, featuring mainman Adrie Kloosterwaard (SINISTER) on vocals, Ron van de Polder (original and founding member of SINISTER) on guitar, Paul Beltman (ex-SINISTER, ex-SUPREME PAIN) on drums and Bastiaan Brusssaar (SINISTER, FONDLECORPSE) on lead guitar, will release its debut CD, “Blessed In Sin”, on November 26 via Vic Records. The bass tracks on the effort were laid down by Erwin Harreman (ex-SINISTER, SUPREME PAIN).
According to a press release, WEAPONS TO HUNT “bring an intense death/thrash metal style on this new album that brings you back to the good old days of SOLSTICE, DEMOLITION HAMMER… and, of course, SINISTER’s mighty debut album, ‘Cross The Styx’ (needless to say, both debut albums are written by riff master Ron van de Polder!).”
01. The Hell Room
02. Blessed In Sin
03. Corpse Field
04. The Smell of Victory
05. Bullets For The Assassin
06. Merciless Impact
07. False Positive System
08. Strike Face


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