WOUND – Inhale the Void

FDA Rekotz – 2013 – Germany

Wounds takes it’s place with their first album called Inhale the Void in underground metal music market,band plays old school death metal by the background support of swedish death metal.Obviously I make out Dismember effect at the first few songs but later songs of album evolve into the mixture of more old school u.s and european death metal.
In some reviews,band is identified as a replica band and similar song-writing and repeats like other bands did what band has got but here we are in the year of 2013 and we observe that many bands do a mess and bullshit works for being modernized or trying to be an original band and that is a huge none-sense for me and for many dedicated metal music fans and they easily gone and never heard as always.There is no wrong thing for me that a band can do or should do music what they have inspiration from their pasts and from the bands which they worship or being fans,moreover,it is more inspirational than others.I really do not understand that what the fuck is that originality addiction of that none-sense reviewers on webzines and magazines.

Aggressive but a clean sound,d-beat drumming tunes,sharp guitar riffs and tunes and a vocal who is drown in a vomit,it is a feast of old school way,of course ,band has some disabilities for recording stuff and this is their first album also,I am sure that band will fix that negative recording problems in next albums by their own way.


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