DISSECTOR – Local Maniac Sendrome

Self Released Demo – 2013- Bangledesh

Those who believe that there isn’t much good thrash going on in this part of the world needs a kick in their butt and let Dissector from Bangladesh do the first honor. With their recently released debut EP “Local Maniac Syndrome’, the band has offered a rewarding menu to satiate your appetite for some uncompromising THRASH.  The Ep offers some of the most memorable riffs I have heard thus far this year and is loaded with some pulsating drums and unashamed and destroying guitar solos with a great blend of heaviness. The vocals, justly, carries the brutality well with a great thrashy textured tone.
The Ep contains 5 tracks including an intro and it’s hard to pick one standout track but the title track just by a slight length marks an impression on me.  ‘Local Ma…” though hardly smashes the iron curtain of genre boundaries but they have successfully and effectively followed the THRASH rules…well, I hope you got the picture.
Just to see band from this part of the world delivering a work with such thrilling ferocity is its own reward: enough to make to stand and appreciate.


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