WITHERED ”The Midnight Gate”

Electric Horizon Records 2006 – Iceland

Album is briefly aggressive and epic, reminds me of early times of Satyricon and Emperor. Especially the acoustic parts and the raging vocals reminds them. So it won’t be wrong to categorize the band as Satyricon and Emperor between 94-97.

The album starts with an intro named “Orchestrated Screams”. My favourite songs are; Lilja and the most aggressive song on the album “The Dying Sunset”. Cover is based on a forest theme, even though some people are bored of it. But the lyrics are mainly on forest mysticism, and ancient pagan beliefs, the viking runes in the booklet are a sign to this. The band’s corpse paint is simple and plain.

Folkloric melodies, aggressive vocal, not so melodic/melancholic songs, some acoustic parts caused a good album. I am sorry that the band is split-up.


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