ViktorZin – Antagonist 1.1 | Cyberpunk 2077 GrowlFM

The song is set in the cyberpunk 2077 universe.

the character in the song is addicted to brain dances, where you can relive the memories of other people. He watches illegal ones containing violence and murder. The character gets cyberware implants that he sees in peoples memories, for example “Mantis Blades”, daggers hidden inside his underarm. the more cyberware implants people have, the more they lose their sanity and go insane. So the character loses his humanity and goes on a rampage, but is stopped and caught by a special unit. He is then stripped of his implants and put into a braindance where a psychologist(Cybershrink) tries to restore the cyberpsychos sanity.

the song is written from the character’s perspective and takes place inside the virtual braindance he was put in.

ViktorZin combines orchestral music with progressive metal to create a new, symbiotic, equal sound that has truly not been heard before. He also makes other music that he likes. ViktorZin doesn’t limit himself to labels like “genre”, “niche”, “financially viable” or “smart business decision”.

ViktorZin was born into a percussive and bassy family in Lithuania, where he was forced …encouraged to play the melody. The earthling’s classical piano training began and was continued in Germany. After escaping academia, he found himself in multiple bands playing keyboards and writing songs ranging from classical, and orchestral up to Progressive Metal. Along the way, ViktorZin picked up guitar and bass, as well as music production. During his last year at university “to get a real job” as a “game developer”, he took some singing lessons, to prepare for his upcoming music career.

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