Osculant Brutality – Mutually Assured Annihilation

This is a thrash/death metal song that covers several of the ongoing issues the world is currently facing: climate change, cost of healthcare (in the US), and war.

Osculant Brutality is an international death metal collaboration project and virtual band based in Boise, Idaho (USA) and Sarsina, Italy. They released their debut album – THE IDES – in September of 2022, which included their popular single – “The Fall” – that portrays the public execution of Julius Caesar. In early 2023, the band announced they were working on their second album, LESSONS FROM THE DEATH RATTLE OF A FAILED SPECIES. The concept album takes place sometime in the far future – long after humanity has destroyed itself – and another race of beings uses the desolated Earth as a classroom of sorts to teach its own descendants what NOT to do in order to avoid humanity’s fate. The album promises to be much darker and heavier than their first album. THE IDES (2022) A death metal retelling of William Shakespeare’s tragic play, Julius Caesar. As beautiful as it is brutal, Julius Caesar tells a story of greed, envy, betrayal, murder, and a lust for power that destroys all consumed by it. Perfect subject matter for a death metal album. The Cast Brian Hoskins – All lyrics + band management Eric Castiglia – Music composition/mixing + vocals Giulia Uda – Vocals Paul Spootlepog – Narrator LESSONS FROM THE DEATH RATTLE OF A FAILED SPECIES (release date TBD) The first single – “Mutually Assured Annihilation” – released on Friday, February 24th, 2023.

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