Demo- 2015 – Sweden

The Swedes VANHELGA are already since 2001 in the music business. In March 2015 they put their latest cd “Happiness“ via Metal Scrap Records on the market.
To describe the music of VANHELGA is difficult for me. Dark Black Metal base frames encase the all in all seven songes like a dense cloud. But, this is nowhere near enough. Depressive riffs which combine darkness, monotony and sorrow strike up a morbid symbiosis with a constantly kept in the background drumming. Pitch-black and conscious kept simple the songs burn in the listeners’ brain. But, VANHELGA can also do it different. Interpolated piano passages reinforce melancholy and sadness until ad infinitum. The listener is here free to let roam his thoughts and to descent into other dimensions of the human consciousness. The emotional vocals which may also drift-off into inflected speech underlines the already very tense atmosphere. It seems that the production unites the entire sorrow of the world. VANHELGA are sucessful with “Happiness“ to create a cd which is much more than another Depressive Metal production. The musicians were able to implement here their musical ideas without thereby loosing sight the original goal. A very intense cd which you should listen to by all means!!!!


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