TORTURIZED ”Authority”

Self-released – 2012 – Germany

TORTURIZEED are from Germany and already since 2001 musically on the way as a band. Last year they put together a promo package which represents a cross-section of their music.

The listener is represented here Death Metal through and through. Doubleblast drumming unifies with hard, fast Death Metal riffs to an aggressive and strong-willed mass. Supported by forceful bass lines this results in the typical bands’ sound. The distinctive, powerful dark growls leave a lasting impression and support severity and darkness of the EP. The brockenly, partially also a bit melodic riffs thereby give an additional adrenalin rush. TORTURIZED consequently do their own thing without thereby make leeway too much. Headbanging from the first to the last minute is here duty! Productional very dedicated and ambitious recorded I can only recommend TORTURIZED!!!!

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