THY GATE BEYOND – ” Enemy At The Gates ”

Sg Records – 2013 – Italy

THY GATE BEYOND are from Italy. Already since 2001 musically active the gents released in the year 2013 their latest opus “Enemy At The Gates“ via SG Records.

You can hear here Thrash Metal through and thriugh. Raw and coarse Old School tones which go straight into the ear. The guys sound thereby fresh and unconsumed. Some melodic specles give additionally the main points without thereby sounding too soft. Typical guitar solis as well as a forceful drumming result in the typical sound which thrills the listener from the first to the last note. The emphatic, distinctive vocals of vocalist Simone Flammini give additionally drive. Very dedicated and professional recorded offers “Enemy At The Gates“ everything a good Thrash Metal album needs. THY GATE BEYOND simply have done here all correct. A thrilling production which is by all means worth to be heard.


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