TERMINAL PROSPECT ”Redefine Existence”

Gravity Entertainment/Metal Promotions – 2013 – Sweden

The Swedes TERMNAL PROSPECT put in April 2013 their latest opus “Redefine Existence“ on the scene. TERMINAL PROSPECT play classical Thrash Metal, riddled with Death Metal borrowings. Melodic riffs which sometime get across Thrash-like thern again hard mix with Thrash Metal base frames. This mixture is despite of its hardness melodic. This contradiction in itself conglomerates at TERMINAL PROSPECT to the very own bands’ sound. “Redefine Existence“ receives addtional energy and alternation by the variations in speed. The all in all eleven songs definitely go forwards and hit the listener. The emphatic vocals give additional the main points. Despite of all experiments the record never looses its basic direction, the Thrash Metal. Technically adept and full of joy of playing recorded you can’t also grumble productional. TERMINAL PROSPECT offer here everything a modern Thrash Metal cd needs. Listen to “Redefine Existence“. You won’t regret it!!!!

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