Tales of Dhvaras – Skogsrockens Aapenbaring (Music Video)

Official Info About This Video

“It was important to bring out the origins of our natural sound. In that song (Skogsrockens Aapenbaring), no one was allowed to change the sound. Changes were made via the volume control on the guitar in one take per track to make it organic.” It is precisely this choice that makes the listener sit as if imprisoned at the other end of the speaker…One of the old black metal bands has been resurrected in a new guise with a confident album with one foot in Ulver-esque acoustic compositions and one foot in Satyricon’s eminent Black’n’roll. The total experience becomes a varied expression that satisfies the hunger for aggressive black metal and the desire just to rock hard. With the album, Full Speed ​​or Nothing, Tales of Dhvaras offers a metal party!

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