SYN:DROM ”Iconoclasm”

Vici Solum Productions – 2012 – Sweden

The Swedes SYN:DROM are heard from again. The cd “Iconoclasm“ is the follow-up of the debut album “With Flesh Unbound“ of 2010.

It immediately gets down to the nitty-gritty here! Hard Death Metal sounds unite with more melodic parts to an independent deadly mass. The whole is presented in highspeed. The mind-blowing drumming still reinforces this impression. You can nearly think that the drumming doesn’t originates from a drummer of flesh and blood. But, far from it! Here is sitting a real human being called Daniel Mikaelsson behind the shooting gallery. Guitar riffs which are sometime arbitrary til weird and then again come in melodic give “Iconoclasm“ dynamics. It is provided additional variety by fast changes in tempi also within one song. The distinctive, emphatic growls of vocalist Johnny Petterson give additional hardness. The all in all ten songs definitely go forwards and leave a swath of devastation behind. Very technical recorded there’s nothing wrong with the production. Besides it is still remarked that the cd was produced by the band itself. Who wants to hear valuable, harsh and nevertheless melodic Death Metal whom be most warmly reommended SYN:DROM. A hammer cd!!!

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