PANTHEON I ”Worlds I Create”

Candlelight Records – 2009 – Norway

I do not how much I should praise those groups that I admire while writing reviews about them, but I do not want to over exaggerate 🙂 The new album of Pantheon I was released this past summer. The group, which used to use cello and violin in their music, has used only cello this time. Maybe I have mentioned it in my previous review, the group can still be brutal as they use cello. If black metal riffes are played with cello, this will be the outcome. It is quite delicious.

I have mentioned that in their first album, violin has given the taste of doom. The group ought to be complainant about it, so they got rid of the violin. In this album the music is more agressive, more dark black metal and the cello added a more depressive tone. I burned within as I listened 😀 The Norway black metal controls the music in general. Clean vocals are used in some songs, felt like drinking. I like the depressive songs of Pantheon I. I feel impatient for the next album every time. I again like it a lot.


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