INFEST ”Moshroom”

Metal Age Productions – 2009 – France

The French band Infest was established in 2003. They have released “Moshrroom” within this year after an album called “Feel the Rage” which was released in 2007 and a demo in 2005. I listened the previous album, but happy to have this one.

I can not resist saying that Moshroom has been a great album title 🙂 The cover of the album, colors that are selected..etc are all ideal for this kind of album. The album is formed by 1-2 minutes long 20 songs. Has a qualified recording and production and a hard and good sound. It has a taste to destroy the prejudice against the Grindcore bands. It sure is not carrion.

Grindcore, crust and a little death metal is dominant in the album. Sometimes mid-tempo riffes, plenty of blast beat and d-beat in drums are present. It holds disaster like songs, scream, guttural and crust vocals in some songs.

The album has taken its place on the top shelf amongst my favourites which I often listen. I can recommend the album to those who like Nasum, Terrorizer, Rotten and Sound.


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