PAGAN BLOOD ”Call of the War”

Self-released – 2009 – Colombia

Recently I received electronical mail from Columbia. PAGAN BLOOD are already since 2008 on dark musical pathes on the go.

What can I expect here? The gents tear forwards raw and boisterous. Pitch-black Old School Black Metal resounds off my loudspeakers. The songs I have at hand are all kept primordial which yet reinforces its intensity. Wrapped in unending darkness the conscious kept simple riffs cater for the necessary hardness. Supported by a constantly present, fast doubleblast drumming you can literally feel aggressiveness and contempt. The forceful bass-lines give yet the erxtra thrill. The nagging vocals of vocalist Blasfemo are emphatic and make a lasting impression on the listener. Dark musical worlds develop which contain misanthropy and hardness. The short slower passages allow the listener hardly time for breathing air which yet reinforce the brutality. Recorded with a lot of dedication I can only recommend PAGAN BLOOD to each Old School Black Metal fan!!!! I am curious when we will be able to hold a cd of them in our hands.


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