Eerie Torture – 2013 – Russia

The Russians NOT LAST RISE put earlier this year their first full-length cd which is called “Sfumato“ via Eerie Torture on the market. Already since 2007 musically active the trio is no new member anymore.

Black Metal resounds off my loudspeakers. Very atmospheric and pitch-black. A glimmer of Doom Metal is also audible which gives the production depth and sustainability. Thereby NOT LAST RISE strike rather calmer tones which all move in the mid tempo area. Dark, icy worlds which are bizarre and nevertheless beautiful develop. The melodic riffs relax “Sfumato“ a bit without thereby being too melodic. Hate, coldness and contempt are very professional implemented here in notes. By the change of speed also within a song the cd receives alternation. The listener is given time to breath air by the insertion of calmer passages and simultaneously is constructed an area of suspens. NOT LAST RISE are very committed and know what they want musically. I can only recommend “Sfumato“!!!

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