MY FUNERAL ”Thrash Destruction”

Violent Journey Records – 2013 – Finland

The Finns MY FUNERAL put in April 2013 their latest cd “Thrash Destruction“ via Violent Journey Records on the Metal market.

The title of the cd actually already states what we can expect here. Thrash Metal of the traditional kind. The all in all ten songs get nevertheless across fresh and energetic. Classical riffs which however sound anything but old or corny and a powerful drumming fit in well in the musical overall structure. Forceful bass lines as well as the snotty, nagging vocals of vocalist and bassist Ilkka Sepponen result together in the typical sound of MY FUNERAL. By fast changes in speed also within a song “Thrash Destruction“ receives additional energy. The listener is thereby given the opportunity to receive little time to take breath from time to time. Very ambitious recorded, every Thrash Metal fan can grab here unhesitatingly!!!

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