NECRONOMICON – Rise of the Elder Ones

Seasons of the Mist -2013 – Kanada

Canadian band,Necronomicon,I am pretty sure that it is well known by the followers of webzines and underground networks on net,because band’s promotion on net is very succesfull,there is no chance not to see their name on webzines and other stuffs,and also band is touring nowadays with Broken Hope and Deicide,maybe we will see them around Europe or Turkey,who knows…
The band plays death-black metal with a background of technical skills,actually I can not name many bands as similar to Necronomican,they got their own way in their sound and style,if we omit some parts of symphonical-keyboard elements in their music,their musical creativity and songwriting is very familiar for my music taste.Blast beats of drumming,dirty scream vocals,high skilled-speed guitar riffs,technical arrangements and crossings etc.But personally,I can not deny that I do not like their modernized keyboard parts.
When I checked the other reviews on net,they are graded 6/10 generally and this album is graded by me 7/10.For black-death metal listeners should check this band, especially the fans who love Behemoth&Belphegor,maybe Dimmu Borgir…As I said,just check and listen for yourself.

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