NECRODEMON ”Black Art Revenge”

Reaper Records – 2012 – USA

A few days ago I found a pretty interesting production from the USA in my Metal mail box. NECRODEMON are already since 1998 as a band on the road in the dark Metal realms. They released this year a 3-track EP called “Black Art Revenge“.

What do I hear here? Actual Black Metal how he could not be even blacker. Hard, powerful riffs with dark sound frameworks result in a pitch-black musical mass. The all in all three songs contain a big portion of Death Metal which make the production still more aggressive and deadlier. The distinctive growls leave an additional impression at the listener. The changes in speed within the songs and the also sometimes pretty maverick riffs reinforce the independence and also the innovation of the production. But, don’t be afraid! “Black Art Revenge“ is no experimental cd!

It is sweeping and drives forward without loosing sight of the actual goal. Thereby may also be involved some Thrash Metal speckles. A very successful mixture of different Metal styles which whet your appetite! Fans of Old School Black Metal and Old School Death Metal will get a real kick out of “Black Art Revenge“!!!

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