MORTUARY ANCESTOR – Doctire of Hatred

Earblast Records -2012 – Malezya

Malaysian’s longest established band Mortuary Ancestor send us their e.p. named ‘’Doctrine of Hatred’’ that was released in 2012 and also I am as a person who have not listened any other records of the band except this e.p.,I can easily say that I faced to a bad ass brutal death metal band.Their sound is even a little bit raw,technical riffs and sick vocals that I fell in love easily after listening.
Chaotic composition of the album with technical riffs and song writing and also atmosphere of very inhuman vocal sickness forms the Mortuary Ancestor’s sound,but maybe the quality of recording could be more higher.In future, if they record more proper record sessions in a better studio with a better equipment for the band’s next albums,you will exactly see their name much more around.

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