Self-released – 2012 – U.S.A.

This trio of Kentuckians, Jason Pate (Guitars), Brian Henn (Lead Guitars), Ash Thomas (Vocals), have formed a melodic/death/thrash metal band, geared towards grabbing a metal music lovers ears. some of my favorite trax on this release are: “Bedlam in the Far Reaches”-mid-paced great licks and terrific riffing, particularly like the eerie feel to the riffing, “Machinations of Fate”

“Rendering the Fragments of Loss”-this song is bad-ass, sickeningly composed with all the right fragments-love this song!

The release is not based in speed, to me the release embraces sorrow, and eerie overtones to the music makes it easy to establish a connection with the musick- (definitely hear tinges of death from the Human era in there). Your missing out if you don’t chek up to what this trio is up to.


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