KOSMOS ”From Innocence To Perversity”

Eigenproduktion – 2012 – France

I recently listened to another 1– man production this time from France. It is about Nekros who presents under the name KOSMOS his debut album called “From Innocence To Perversity“.

What does I hear here? Black Metal tones of the a bit different kind. Longer instrumental passages give atmosphere to the production. But that won’t last. Only short time later the loosening up is replaced by icecold and pitchblack Black Metal tones. Dark musical worlds arise without hope and colours. The interaction of melody and Black Metal generate a depressive undertone which last the entire running time. Halting riffs now and then as well as the game of different tempi within a song give “From Innocence To Perversity“ independence and also a bit uniqueness. Hard riffs which also can space out into the Death Metal areaand the emphatic growls do one last thing!! A pretty arbitrary already eccentric production which Nekros delivered here. It is in distinctive contrast to the normal Black Metal mishmash. Who is open for new musical pathes should grab here without hesitation. For all the others is checking out KOSMOS by all means worthwhile!!!

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