INTO THE NETHERMOST ”Once upon the Graveyard”

Self-released – 2013 – Spain

The Spaniards INTO THE NETHERMOST published this year their debut cd named “Once Upon The Graveyard“ in in-house production.

The opener “The Gathering Darkness“ starts with spoken words.You feel abducted straight into the hell by the loaded noises. The listener is keyed to what will come next from the first second on. The gents celebrate Black Metal. You can even hear some Death Metal speckles. Very melodic and diversified presented. Dark Black Metal base frames are wrapped by melodic parts. Thereof develop eight songs in the mid tempo area. Multi-variant riffs which let develop icecold worlds of complete darkness. Hate and anger are reinforced and confirmed by very emotional growls. On the other hand is relaxed this desperate atmosphere by melodies. But, this is only successful on a small scale. The basic thrust is and will be dark. Thereof INTO THE NETHERMOST renounce of highspeed atacks. By the skilful change of different tempi which can also be calm and sterling.arises a certain dynamics. The listener has time to take a short breath in order to be able to bath again into the musical world of INTO THE NETHERMOST the next moment. Very ambitious recorded you can’t also grumble productional. Preferably listen to “Once Upon The Graveyard“ yourselves. It’s worth it!!!


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