IMPERIUM INFERNALIS – ” Choking On The Stench Of Mankind ”

Self Released – 2013 – Greece

Recently I took notice of a band from Greece which is up to mischief musically already since 2003. There is talk of IMPERIUM INFERNALIS. They released last year their first full-length cd which is called “Choking On The Stench Of Mankind“.
True blue Black Metal resound off my loudspeakers. Pitch-black and of infinite hate characterized songs which get under the skin. Black riffs which are supported by forceful bass-lines as well as a powerful drumming result in the sound of IMPERIUM INFERNALIS. Musical worlds of ice and hopelessness develop. Straight into the abysm of hell without a return ticket. Melodic speckles here and there doesn’t help much to relax this atmosphere or even straighten out. The all in all six songs all move in the mid tempo area. Very emotional growls reinforce the omnious atmosphere. By the partially yelled passages are despair and insanity within your reach. “Choking On The Stench Of Mankind“ got a very intense cd which was recorded with a lot of dedication. Give a listen to, it is worth here by all means!!!!


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