KOSMOS ” Le Vecteur Transcendantal ”

Self Released – 2013 – France

The French duo KOSMOS put in October 2013 their already second cd on the dark Metal market in in-house production. It is called “Le VecteurTranscendantal“. The good piece is published in a strongly limited edition of 100 hand-numbered pieces. At this point I would like to thank Nekros for placing the opus at disposal to me.
You know from the first tone on where the musical journey will lead us here, too. You can hear now Depressive Black Metal. No more, no less. A journey deep inwards which leaves marks. Destruction, death and downfall of mankind in all its facets shown musically. The intro “La Jouissance Du Mal“ gets along quite without any vocals. Spheric, little short of Trance-like blur dream and reality. At the following song “Le Vecteur Transcendantal“ at the latest it is over with the silence. Raw and boisterous, pitch-black songs are now the topic. Riddled with unending sorrow and hopelessness all songs move in the mid tempo area. Very intense songs which demand a lot from the listener. Conscious kept simple, as well concerning riffs as also concerning arrangements, feelings are within your reach and are transported into music. The very emotional growls support annihilation and endless darkness. The lyrics are written in French language. Despite all tristesse and apocalytic mood “Le Vecteur Transcendantal“ never gets boring or verbose, Listen to the cd by all means. A must for all Depressive Black Metal fans!!!!


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