HUMAN MINCER ”Degradation Paradox”

Brutal Band Records – 2008 – Spain

I don’t know what Spanish press thinking of this album but I have some evil thoughts but absolutely brilliant things they are. Even though they’ve been struggling with stuff and only been able to make 3 albums since, I can tell you they are doing a hell of a job. They have farewell 2008 with a solid album and an album which can astonish you by how far they’ve come called Degradation Paradox.

Even though Spanish bands have done a great deal with their parts, Human Mincer carries it to a whole new level. Because when you listen to this album you hear the quality of the album, active and creatively done lyrics, bands new blood vocalist Phlegeton and bassist Guilermoth who we recognized from Wormed, more settled style of the band, the improvement of their performance are the reasons to make this a fulfilling experience for the listeners.

When it comes to the album, like I said before, for the albums of the bands that contain Death/Grind style you either say “it’s very strong” or “hmmm that’s ok”. But when it comes to the Human Mincer’s album there comes another saying and be sure about it when say the album is perfect! Because it comes with a movement, that shimmers you inside out, balls to bones and wall to wall. I mean the albums energy is sufficient for Turkiye’s yearly power need. The album neatly meets your overall needs from a Death/Grind album. Especially you will suffer an extremely out-of-boundaries crossings and attacks in every song; get ready for what I am telling. There are guitar and drum attacks that you must consider. Because the killer riffs and hard crossings along the back vocals of the only guitarist of the band, Migueload are solid evidence for his talent. Other than that album is made of 8 songs and lyrics are naturally laced with plague and corpse business as you can expect from any Death/Grind album.

Songs that took my attention are; Flask Copper Deglutition, which gives a sudden, deep destruction as in the album’s main characteristics and also the opening song, Degradation Paradox which gives the album its name and gives a boost to the album in an extremist point of view as the third song, Dyskinetic Martyr Modification gives a change as much as its structure contains same riff theme but it also its different crossings and technique carries it to a unique place. 5th song Scaphocephaly Status Error is the breaking point of the album and it contains interrupting crossings which gives album a different mood. But you have to be careful with this crossing which you may think as a technical error in this album those imperfections belongs to the song itself. After this song all the songs are changing the direction of the album giving the album a groovy sense.

When we come to the down sides of the album, first half of the album is depending on one sort of riff and changes direction to become interesting in the second half which may be boring because it is not spread all over the album. Back vocals don’t seem to be enough when you consider the only guitarist is trying to back the vocal. And as many European band they are also under the influence of the American bands of the same sort and the carry it to the album.

To briefly sum it up, album is a proof of how far they’ve come when you think of the early albums and if they continue that way they can become more. It’s an album that needs to be open and listened carefully. An album, which is showing the quality of Spain, I strongly recommend.


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