HELL UNITED ”Aura Damage”

Hellthrasher Productions – 2012 – Poland

The Poles HELL UNITED are in the Metal underground no novices anymore. The gents already honour under this name the sympathetic Metal world since 2004. There by now third album “Aura Damage” was released in September 2012 via Hellthrashers Records.

And it gets immediately flat out. Death Metal of the highspeed category resounds off my loudspeakers. HELL UNITED crush merciless and straightforwardly musically everything which gets in their way. Thereby they are not final in the ultrafast area. By the addition of partially halting riffs the songs receive further variability and individuality. Nevertheless “Aura Damage” looes at no time its energy and the sight of the basic aim. The partially arbitrary riffs show that the guys know what they musically want and that they implement it merciless!! The neck muscles have definitely something to do here! Smashing doubleblast drumming comes upon powerful Death Metal music with multi-variant riffs. The very emphatic, distinctive growling gives the last kick to the production! Bands like DEICIDE and VADER come to my mind while listening. Thereby HELL UNITED doesn’t copy. By the skilful interaction the creativeness of the band is emphasized and well worked out. Technical on a high level clean recorded offers “Aura Damage” everything a die-hard Death Metal fan heart desires. It got a very energized record which once again proves that Death Metal is not dead!! I can only recommend HELL UNITED!!!!!


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