Napalm Records – 2015 – Netherlands

The genre called Pagan Metal always offers some interesting releases when it comes to the music of the bands. Bands like Falkenbach, Menhir, Suidakra always have something interesting and different to offer to the listeners when it comes to the music. The lyrics might be the same or very close to each others, but since Heidevolk sing in their native tongue Dutch, which gives to the listeners some feeling of exotic, at least to those outside Holland. Since I know only one or two words of Dutch, I won’t go into the lyrics topics and just focus on the music of their new release. The only thing that I can tell about their newest album which is their fifth so far is that it is about Goblins, ghosts and other stuff and more about local legends then the pagan religion. The music is very well played here on this release and one can hear that these guys know their business. Here on this album, they also combine some Heavy Metal elements from the 80’s as well which give to the sound a certain something and it might be also interesting to listen to for fans of this kind of Metal music and not only for fans of this genre. There are also a lot of clean vocals here on it and not Black growls and screams which might push them away from this band. Metal parts are combined here with acoustic parts which give a certain older atmosphere to the songs here. Also, in length, it offers a lot. 12 songs on an album are not common anymore for bands these days.


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