CHAOSHORDE – Hordes Arising

Independent – 2018 – Greece

CHAOSHORDE from Greece released in July 2018 their first CD “Hordes Arising“ via Metal Throne Productions.

The sympathetic listener can enjoy here Old School Speed Metal. Fast, severe and straight from the street. Thereby the gents are thoroughly able never to be boring by diversified riffs and variations in speed. Severity and street attitude conglomerate here to all in all four songs which pack a punch. CHAOSHORDE give to the listener what he wants. Straight into the face without any detours and technical gimmickry. That’s the way we want to hear Speed Metal! The band serves the genre perfectly loud and dirty. However without appearing boring and antiquated. The dark touch is outstanding for the band. Technical very ambitious reorded, you should not miss CHAOSHORDE by no means. Let the guitars scream!!!!


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