HATE ”Solarflesh”

Napalm Records – 2013 – Poland

You actually need not make many words about the Poles HATE. In January 2013 they relased their follow-up cd of their in the year 2010 published album “Erebos“ via Napalm Records. Their latest opus is called “Solarflesh“.

The opener “Watchful Eye Ov Doom“ creates very slowly a tension and gets along completely without any vocals. Only with the help of riffs and keyboards develops a suspense-packed atmosphere. This discharges at the following songs. Severe doubleblast drumming gives a rendezvous with Death Metal riffs which are diversified and innovative and which may be indeed also melodic. The dark Death Metal basic frameworks manifest the thrust of the production. This is yet reinforced by dark, distinctive growls. Thereby the twelve songs (Limited Edition) are pitch-black and make a lasting impression on the listener. By the variable use of speed and melodies which sometime also make leeway into the folkloric area develop very independent compositions which are fresh and sweeping. HATE also experimentalize with the use of female vocals now and then which gives the production additional innovation. HATE nevertheless loose their musical common thread and their urgency. Technical impeccable recorded you realize with every note that here are grown men at work. For fans of good experimental Death Metal a must. I can only recommend “Solarflesh“!!!

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