HAMMERED ”The Beginning”

Punishment 18 Records – 2013 – Italy

The Italians HAMMERED put in March 2012 their debut cd “The Beginning“ on the Metal market via Punishment 18 Records.

Here is celebrated Speed Metal. Long, screaming guitar solis and the typical Speed Metal vocals of shouter Andras Csaszar let rekindle the spirit of the 80-ies. The gents sound thereby astonishing fresh and powerful. Therefore “The Beginning“ got no dusty, antiquated cd which deperately tries to take Speed Metal into the year 2013. The all in all ten songs all move in the mid tempo area. The production receives additional energy by the multi-variant commitment of the rhythm fraction and the game of tempi. The diversified vocals makes “The Beginning“ an alive cd which goes forward. You can even hear here an DREAM THEATER cover (“Wait For Sleep“) which is by the way very successful. HAMMERED offer very committed and professional recorded a good insight into the Speed Metal music and cover a large musical range. For fans of this genre an absolutely must. For everyone else is the cd a good access in order to try this genre out!!!

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