GESTOS GROSSEIROS ”Satanchandising”

Rapture Records – 2011 – Brazil

The Brazilians GESTOS GROSSEIROS are already since 1996 musically active. In 2011 they released their cd “Satanchandising“.

The guys play Death Metal. Dark and nevertheless extremely aggressive songs which go straight into the listeners’ ear canals. Melodic Death Metal riffs defuse the high explosive atmosphere a bit without being too soft, By the variations concerning tempi “Satanchandising“ receives variety.. Forceful bass lines and powerful doubleblast drumming give additional brutality and sustainability. Rounded off by distinctive, dark growls which also can be nagging. The band shows its great richness in variety among other things at “Satanchandising“. You can hear at the end even an acoustic guitar solo. Also a cover version (KREATOR – Extreme Aggression) which is by the way jolly good done may not miss here. “Satanchandising“ is a very emphatic and brutal album which will surely delight fans of this genre!!!

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