FORCEPS ”Humanicide”

Ossuary Industries – 2012 – Brazil

At the end of last year the Brazilians FORCEPS put a 2-track EP on the Metal scene. It is called “Humanicide“ and is distributed via Ossuary Industries.

Here is celebrated Death Metal through and through. The two songs tear forwards relentless and fast. With unbridled power and enormous energy “Humanicide“ tears to the listener. Several Grindcore influences additionally increase the already high speed of the production. Vocalist Doug Murdoch spits vitriolic with several click consonants and many growls the rage of the entire world out of his throat. FORCEPS get here to work with quite brutal musical tools which becomes the two songs. Typical of this genre kept simple riffs reinforce the brute force and the riginality. Very ambitious recorded I can only recommend “Humanicide“ to fans of this music!!!

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