FOLKODIA ”Battles And Myths”

Stygian Crypt Productions – 2012 – International

The international band FOLKODIA put already last year their latest opus “Battles And Myths“ via Stygian Crypt Productions on the market.

Folk Metal enters here a strong symbiosis with Death Metal sounds. Aggressive and emphatic on the one hand. On the other hand melodic riffs with Folk Metal influences. This very interesting mixture takes along the listener into bygone times. Heroic battle songs and anthems which are presented very multi-variant. The vocals show the bands’ multifacetedness. From dark growls up to clean vocals everything is represented here. The used female vocals now and then additionally relax the production. Nevertheless “Battles And Myths“ looses at no time its hard basic thrust. The variable use of riffs as well as archaic instruments for example harp and flute emphasizes the great musical range. The all in all ten songs all move in the mid tempo area. By the change of different tempi FOLKODIA give the listener time to take breath and for dreaming. Very ambitious and professional recorded offers “Battles And Myths“ everything a modern “Crossover“ album needs. Who are into Death Metal and Folk Metal should get the cd by all means. For all others, listen to the record!!!

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